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Dangerously in Love

I see the world differently

Now that your love you have given me

Despite the distance that carries between us

The continuation of dedication survives off trust

Our spirits intertwined

Completely connected

My heart has been shot by the most deadliest of weapons

Love in it’s viciousness ravages us both

As it covers over completely like snow

The gift you’ve given may just have been a curse

Because if our love ever died

I’d soon be traveling in hearse  

A short morning rant….

Severed hands lie


Connection disconnected from assorted unidentifiable bodies

Yet we know them so

For they are forged from our imagination

Magnificent idols of our creation

Harboring our false dedication

Forever forsaking the truth of our relation

But we fear their reality

Constantly screaming conspiracy

But what is your proof?

All circumstantial

Only there if you believe

But could you leave

All of that in the rear

To bring the truths of our destinies nearer

But you’re afraid

Because an idea is way easier to change

Than faith…….

Taste of taste

I barely remember how potent you can be

How the taste of you can just make me……..

Lose me

So violently

The more I am encased in you, the more I lose sight of eternity

You know, one time I thought I could quit you

I thought the mental break downs would be few

But I stand here in recognition that I really had no clue

Even, like a sunset, I had a fevered view

But though you appear innocent, your drink is bitches brew

And I suffer wrapped in you while you beat my heart black and blue

Is there even an escape?

Feels weird to want to escape from what is supposed to be escape

I love and you return with hate

But I wait


Just to taste you again so you can take me away

Everytime I do I just end up regretting the day

That I ever got a taste

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